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Our Founder's Message

Dear Reader,

I'd like to start with a short story. A little girl once told me of her fears that there is a hole in the ozone layer that will endanger her future when she grows up. I felt sad realising the kind of earth we are leaving behind for the future, endangering the quality of life of the future generations with our lifestyle loaded with conspicuous consumption. I immediately assured that little girl that we would do our best to leave a better world to the next generation. Hyperion is designed to strive for such cleaner tomorrow through green energy. Emerging out of Asia, Hyperion will build best possible networks and greener energy solutions to innovate smart implementation processes from micro to macro level.

We work in the areas of efficient lighting for villages, towns and cities, institutional energy solutions with government, international and national development institutions, NGOs, civil society and technology innovators. We will scan the existing energy solutions, identify appropriate products, provide consultancy, when needed promote research and development for providing greener energy solutions. We are confident that Hyperion Green Energy will make a big difference in the coming years.

  Yours sincerely,

Late Mrs. Suvarna Gandham

 News Flash
Launch of India's Largest Off-grid Solar PV Project

Hyperion's legacy of pioneering innovative green projects continues with the launch of India's Largest Off-grid Solar Photovoltaic Project. The Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation is the World's largest bus passenger transport organisation with over 22000 buses, 210 bus depot / stations transporting 13 million people every day. AP is facing acute power shortage and there are frequent power outages lasting up to 8 hours a day causing great inconvenience to both passengers and staff alike. In view of this situation, Hyperion has come up with a unique solution to address APSTRC's woes by turning these hurdles into an opportunity to reduce APSRTC's carbon footprint while ensuring uninterrupted power supply for its establishments.