Quality Management System - ISO 9001 : 2008
3 KW Hybrid Solar System - NREDCAP (Approved)
Hyperion provides the best solar power system in India with its unique Solar Hybrid Inverter matched with highly optimised and specially manufactured components like SPV panels and batteries to ensure high performance and maximum returns. Our solar power system is truly built to last. All our systems are MNRE certified. Below are brief technical specifications.
High Efficiency Solar Photovoltaic
  • Module Cell Type: Poly-crystalline Silicon
  • No. of Cells: 72
  • Power : 0 to 3 Watts Positive Tolerance
  • MNRE Specification: IEC 61215, IEC 61730- 1 & 2, IEC 61701
High Efficiency Microprocessor Controlled Transformer-less Solar PV Hybrid Inverter
  • Rated Power: 3000 Watts
  • Nominal DC Voltage: 360 VDC
  • MPP Voltage Range: 250 VDC ~ 450 VDC
  • Maximum DC Input Current: 13 Amp
  • Output Voltage Range: 184 – 265 VAC
  • Output Frequency Range: 47.5 ~ 50.2 Hz
  • Electronic Efficiency: > 94%
  • MNRE Specification: IEC 61683, IEC 600682-2-1, 2, 14, 30 and IEC 60529
  • Communication interface: RS 485 & USB
Low Maintenance Tubular GEL Batteries
  • Type: Tubular GEL VRLA Batteries
  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Capacity: 150 AH
  • Life: 1800 cycles @ 80% DOD
  • MNRE Specification: IS 15549
High Quality Cables
  • PVC Insulated Cables with working Voltages up to 1100V
  • MNRE Specifications: IEC 60189/IS 694/IS 1554/IS/IEC 69947
  • AC Cables – 1 core multi-strand 4 sq. mm. cable of maximum 10 mts. length each for Phase, Neutral and Earth from Electrical Mains to Inverter and from Inverter to Electrical Mains
  • DC Cables – 1 core multi-strand 4 sq. mm. cable of maximum 10 mts. length each for Phase, Neutral and Earth from SPV Panels to Inverter
  • Battery Cables - 1 core multi-strand 16 sq. mm. cable maximum 4 mts. length each for Phase and Neutral from Batteries to Inverter.
Switches / Circuit Breakers / Connectors
  • AC & DC Circuit Breakers – IS/IEC 60947 Part I, II, III EN 50521
  • Lighting & Surge Protection
  • Silver plated lugs
 Support Structure
  • Hot Dip Galvanized MS Support Structure
  • MNRE Standards: IS 1416.716.7 Part-1 with thickness of 100 microns as per IS 5905
  • Withstands Wind Speed up to 150 kms/hour
  • Bolt, Nuts, Fasteners etc.: Stainless Steel SS304
* Above pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Actual material may vary.
 News Flash
Launch of India's Largest Off-grid Solar PV Project

Hyperion's legacy of pioneering innovative green projects continues with the launch of India's Largest Off-grid Solar Photovoltaic Project. The Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation is the World's largest bus passenger transport organisation with over 22000 buses, 210 bus depot / stations transporting 13 million people every day. AP is facing acute power shortage and there are frequent power outages lasting up to 8 hours a day causing great inconvenience to both passengers and staff alike. In view of this situation, Hyperion has come up with a unique solution to address APSTRC's woes by turning these hurdles into an opportunity to reduce APSRTC's carbon footprint while ensuring uninterrupted power supply for its establishments.